Sheep mounts are a challenge to find! We have just added a couple and are pleased to offer them to you….

One of the more difficult North American big game species to hunt is the Big Horn sheep. Most states have very competitive lottery systems for handing out a very small number of permits (or licenses). Even more elusive is a tag for a Dall sheep. These (aside from not having many permits) are in very limited habitats of the US. Stone sheep offer little more opportunity than Dall, and perhaps the most challenging of all to hunt is the Desert Big Horn….
Not only are these species difficult (if not impossible) for most people to hunt, they are also quite challenging (and expensive) to acquire as a taxidermy mount. trying to add these for display in the home, lodge or business is a tough task. Sheep are a highly desirable mount largely because of the degree of difficulty in getting a permit and chance to hunt.
Scarcity plus the great beauty of a ram with a full curl set of horns are key factors. This explains why they are so often center pieces to a North American game collection. Adding one to a collection requires a high level of patience. This is especially true for those who with to complete the “Grand Slam”. This is a collection of rams from each of the four species of North American sheep: Big Horn, Dall, Stone and Desert Big Horn.
We have been fortunate enough to recently add a large full curl Stone Sheep as well as a nice sized Dall ram both taken in the ’70’s from Alaska and British Columbia. They are a great looking pair of mounts that we will be adding to our site in July. These along with Dall and Big Horn rams already in inventory will make great pieces for someone to add to their collection or as a focal item in the home, lodge or business…
Check out our entire inventory of sheep available (including several Big Horn ewes) and watch for more to come!

Great pair of Big Horn sheep for wildlife display.
New Dall sheep shoulder mount coming soon!

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