Wildlife themed interior design

Most Americans (and folks in other nations too!) appreciate animals… Whether we are referring to their pet Fido or Sadie, or to wildlife species such as deer, moose, ducks and fish, people are interested and fascinated by animals! Here at MountsForSale, we offer the opportunity to display wildlife mounts, art and other decor items in your home, cabin, lodge or business. While we specialize in North American big game species such as bear, caribou, Pronghorns, deer, and more; we also have small game species such as birds, fish, and predators as well as exotic species from across the world.
While wildlife decor is not appealing to everyone, we feel that it should be available to those who appreciate and want it for display. We offer free shipping on most of our items and will package and ship to the USA as state and local laws allow. If you are in Western Montana and want to make a purchase, we offer discounts! We post new items as they are added to our inventory, so check back to see what is new and in-stock. If there are specific items that you are looking for, let us know and we will be attentive to try and help you fill that item on your wish list.
While we are a fairly new company (started in 2018), we are trying to have a good selection and variety to apply to most tastes. Let us know what we can provide to best help you with your appreciation of wildlife species and decor items.

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