Durango bound! Delivering a trophy class bull elk mount…

Hello wildlife enthusiasts! I have sold one of my favorite mounts (https://www.mountsforsale.com/product/large-rocky-mountain-elk-shoulder-mount-for-sale-360-class-e-114m/ ) this week and will be hitting the road to make a special delivery… Large mounts such as elk, moose and caribou required extra care when crating and shipping due to their large size and weight. Smaller mounts such as deer and antelope are relatively easy to package and ship. They can be sent by popular carriers such as FedEx and UPS as well as the USPS (up to certain weights and volumes). Larger mounts however, require OTR shipping companies and more elaborate crates, pallets or skids for handling and shipping. All that being said, I have opted to deliver a large (and valuable) elk trophy in person! I always enjoy road trips and this has given me a good excuse to see some country that I haven’t been to in 40 years….
If any of you are living in the Salt Lake City, Las Vegas or Durango, CO areas and want a taxidermy mount, now is the time! I will be traveling down late next week and will have room for more than just this Rocky Mountain bull. Please let me know ASAP and I can try to schedule another stop on my route….
I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy time with your families and friends!

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