New skins in stock! Just acquired and will be posted soon…

This week I was able to acquire a few skins for my collectors! Among them is a large sized moose blanket/rug, as well as several fox skins- both red and silver!
I just got back yesterday afternoon from purchasing these skins and am working on some photos today and hope to have the first of them posted this week. While I have other red fox, coyote, lynx and bobcat furs, this is the first silver fox (black fox) that I have been able to offer my clients. Silver fox are a variant of the red fox with a melanistic skin condition that leads to their black/silver coloring as compared to their red colored kin.
Also I added a nice sized moose blanket or rug that will get listed soon. I had a great thick moose blanket, which has since found a new home, so I’m glad to have another such item in stock.
Watch my new listings section on the home page or click the link to see all my furs, skins and rugs here:
Thanks for reading and have a great rest of your week!

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