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Ivory Hippo Tusk X-109H

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* Great Ivory Tusk
* 24″ Length


This is a great example of a Hippopotamus (hippo) tusk! This great tusk is an ivory beauty and has good coloring. It measures 24″ in length when hooked on the tip and measured around the perimeter. Circumference is 7 7/8″ at the base. As can be see in the photos the base of the tusk is hollow and there is a crack near the end of the tooth at the exposed end. The dark portion of the tusk is the part that was exposed out of the hippos mouth above the gum line. The whiter portion is that which is not stained from the diet of the hippopotamus. This item would make a great conversation piece in the home or office. Also these are often used for scrimshaw work as the ivory is very desirable for carving and making items for sale abroad.