Here at we recognize the need to have a form of grading that is consistent to help you as the collector/investor to have an appreciation of the products being offered. We endeavor to be consistent and detailed to help you know what to expect from the items that we offer. Below is a brief description of each grade to help in understanding the quality and condition of the items we offer for sale.

“World Class” This is our highest grade and is used to recognize items that are not only of the finest craftsmanship in their taxidermy work, but that also have qualities that one could expect on a trophy class mount.

“Premier” This class is awarded to items that exhibit a professional grade of taxidermy workmanship combined with an item (mount/rug/skull/etc) that is a beautiful representation of its species.

“Excellent” This grade reflects a quality taxidermy product that may have slight detractors that would often be overlooked by an average observer of taxidermy work. The actual mount may be of average size or condition, but is pleasing to the eye and compliments a quality collection of taxidermy items.

“Nice” This classification is used to denote an item that is well done, but may have some blemish or detracting marks. Some examples may include damaged and/or repaired ear and/or nose, thinner hair or some other form of visual impairment that we will try to show with photos in the listing as well as trying to make note in the description section.

“Cabin” This grade will be used for items with obvious detracting conditions. Effort will be made to identify reason for this grade, so read descriptions thoroughly.

“Vintage” A grade classification used to accent items of a vintage workmanship. Some collectors prefer vintage items and this helps identify items that might meet their desires.