Taxidermy Mounts

Mountain Lion life size taxidermy on terrain base. L-113LS


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* Stately cougar (Mountain Lion) pose

* Nice sized cat 82″ nose to tail

* Excellent terrain base of rock/log



Here we have a gorgeous, life sized taxidermy mount of a Mountain Lion. This cougar was taken in Southwestern Montana and is a nice sized female cat. Pose features a nice side view with head turned to the cat’s left looking into the room. Closed mouth with alert ears and a curled tail. Great long whiskers and a somewhat relaxed expression. (See photos)

This mount features a rolling terrain base. Solid oak side boards that the base can be lifted out of if one desires. The base is rock and moss with the cat having her front feet elevated slightly on a section of log. (See attached photos) A beautiful mount that would look great in the lodge, cabin, home or business.

This cat measures a total length of 82″(inches). Overall taxidermy mount size is 52″ long by 22″ wide x 44″ tall. While I have it displayed on the floor, it could be located on a wall shelf with the base removed. Versatility with this mount, as it can be viewed from all sides with great effect.

Mountain lions make excellent focal pieces, whether they are rugs or taxidermy mounts.