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Mule Deer Shoulder Mount M-117

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* Nice heads up, facing left pose
* 4×4, 15 1/2″ Rack



This is a shoulder mount with the heads up, looking left pose. A solid Mule deer with a 4×4 rack (8 point Eastern count) that has great symmetry and coloring. A decent spread for a muley with a maximum width of 15 1/2 inches. Nice coloring and good thickness to the hair, but there is a visible seam line that is seen on the bucks right cheek with close inspection. That has docked this mount and moved him from Excellent to just “Nice” and so the price is adjusted accordingly. Still he makes a great example of a Mule deer for the collector of North American big game animals.
Overall mount dimensions are: 29″ deep x 22″ wide x 36″ high.