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Mule Deer Shoulder Mount M-128S

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* Great head, up looking left pose.
* 6×6 unique rack
* 21 6/8″ outside spread



Here we have a Mule Deer shoulder mount in the head up, facing slightly left pose. This buck has a unique feature on his heavy 6×6 (12 point Eastern count) rack. In addition to the brow tines which are commonly seen on Muley racks, he as a pair of small (under 2″ length) eye guards coming from the base of the beams on each antler. (See attached photos) Main beams while not overly long, have nice heft making it a solid rack.
Overall mount measurements are : 24″ deep x 22″ width x 43″ high/tall. Maximum width on the rack is 21 6/8″ measured on the outside of widest spread.