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Pronghorn Antelope Horns on Plaque A-121P

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* Great horn lengths of 14 2/8″ & 14 4/8″
* Custom plaque and wrap


Here we have a very nice set of Pronghorn Antelope horns on a custom plaque. The skull plate has been wrapped with leather and is mounted on a wood plaque. This is a large set of horns with sides measuring 14 2/8″ and 14 4/8″. These horns have a maximum width of 12 3/8″ with a distance of 4 4/8″ between the tips. This set has ivory tips, which is the white showing at the very ends of the horns. (See attached photos).
Overall mount dimensions are 13″ wide x 20″ high x 9″ deep. This taxidermy product would make a great addition to a collection of North American big game species for display in the home or the business.