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Great lamp featuring antlers and glass for sale. A-106LA


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* Great antler decor item

* Features Mule deer and/or whitetail antlers


This lamp features authentic antlers in each fixture. Each is unique as no two antlers are identical. Each lamp will look very close to the one seen in the attached stock photos. has an exclusive offering of this product, so they are not available at any other location or site.

Overall height of product is 27″ (inches). Lamp shade (provided) measures 13″ across. Lamp base measures 6 3/4″ diameter. Shade that comes with the lamp (as seen in photos) is wrapped in plastic to protect in handling/shipping.

Lamps come with either Whitetail or Mule deer antlers in sizes close to those seen above although each lamp will vary slightly. This is a great product for the home, lodge, cabin or business to add a great touch of the outdoors.