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Steelhead 39″ Fish mount for sale. F-105St

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* Great life like color/markings

* “Excellent” taxidermy item

* Fish length of 39″



This listing is for a great looking Steelhead Salmon reproduction mount. It is mounted on a slab of live edge wood for a rustic look. Coloring on this mount is superb. Overall fish length is 39″ (inches) with a girth of 19″. Fish is curved with tail pointing into the room. Mount looks to the left side.
A great sized mount, combined with an excellent color representation have earned this item a rating of “Excellent”. This fish makes a great display item to add to any collection.

“Steelhead” are found in the Pacific Ocean as well as the Great Lakes region and in the tributaries where they go to spawn each year. They are a close family member to Rainbow trout. They share quite similar markings to their cousin and are a highly sought after catch.