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Whitetail Deer Taxidermy Shoulder Mount for sale. DW-107


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* Heads up facing right
* Dimensions: 22″D x 18″W x 36″H

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This is a great Whitetail buck mount featuring a heads up, right facing (deers right) pose.  He is in an alert look with ears forward.  A great and familiar look for all who’ve seen these in the wild.  This buck has a 4 x 5 rack (9 point Eastern count).  He has a spread of 17″ measured outside to outside at the widest point.  Total mount dimensions are: 22″D x 18″W x 36″H.

Whitetail deer are perhaps the most abundant of all of North Americas wild big game species.  Here is a great specimen to add to your collection or as a stand alone item at the office, shop or home.