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Blacktail Buck Shoulder Mount DM-109


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  • Sneak Pose – Facing Right
  • 22 1/2″ Outside rack width
  • 27″D x 23″W x 31″H

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This is a great looking Blacktail with nice spread and heavy beams.  The rack on this buck is a nice 6 x 5 (11-point Eastern count).  Mount features the “sneak” pose with his head forward and facing to his right.  (Room left).  The overall rack width is 22 1/2″.   Excellent taxidermy quality of a great blacktail deer mount make this a great item for the collector of for someone just looking to add a classic looking mount to their home or office.  Mount has original metal tag with “Kaibab” stamped on it.

Overall dimensions of mount: 27″D x 23″W x 31″H.  We offer full item dimensions to help make sure the item will fit in your space.

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