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Dall Sheep Shoulder Mount SD-105


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* Heads up, forward facing pose*
* 20″ Spread with 32″ beams
* Gross SCI score of 143 7/8
* Overall: 21″D x 22″W x 32″H

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This is a great Alaskan Dall ram. This ram has nice symmetry in the horns as they measure 32 6/8″ and 32 5/8″ in length. Mass is also very even with sides coming in at 39 1/8″ and 39 3/8″. For a total gross score of 143 7/8. A great mount featuring one of the four species of sheep that are included in a grand slam. This shoulder mount features the heads up, looking forward pose. A great colored sheep with good hair quality. The only detracting mark is that there is some damage to the underside of the horn on the rams left side. This is a naturally occurring thing among sheep as they put there horns to task during mating season. It is almost not visible when hanging and viewed from the room.
Overall dimensions are 21″D x 22″W x 32″H