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Bighorn ram life sized mount for sale. S-129BH


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* “Premier” quality Big Horn Ram

* Gross score of horns is 162 6/8″

* Fantastic life like pose!



Here we have a beautiful mount of a mature Big Horn ram. Great, natural pose of ram bedded down with legs folded under. He has his head up and is looking slightly toward his left. Nice horns on this male of the species with a raw score of 162 6/8″. Taxidermy work is wonderfully done. Ram can be placed on terrain base pictured (sold seperately) or on the floor, a shelf or ledge. This mount will be a center piece for any room or collection. Good coloring and hair thickness throughout his skin. All in all an excellent example for anyone who appreciates one of the top tier species in all of North America. We have awarded this mount a rating of “Premier” for appearance, pose, size and workmanship.

This ram has good sized horns with lengths of 34 1/8″ and 34 3/8″. Bases measure 14 4/8″ and 14 5/8″(inches). Total raw score is 162 6/8″. This score would qualify him as a SCI Bronze Award class ram.

Overall mount size (sheep only) measures 56″ long x 27″ deep/wide x 33″ tall. Mount can lay on custom display/stand or on most any flat surface. Notice that he is bedded down on a custom “rock” base that fits his pose with the hind leg out from the body. See item A-101BA (sold separately). Buy taxidermy bighorn and base and I will offer a discount if items are paid for at the same time and can ship together.