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Dall Sheep Ram taxidermy for sale. S-132D


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* Beautiful Alaska ram

* Jonas Brothers taxidermist

* Great sized horns scoring 157 6/8″



Here we have an amazing trophy class Dall ram! To start with he has horns that measure over 38″ (inches) each. Great bases with circumferences of 13 4/8″ and 13 6/8″. Excellent horns that go well beyond a full curl in length. Next we have a nice white cape that on a form that has a classic head forward, looking forward pose. Finally, we have superb workmanship on this mount by none other than the renowned shop of Jonas Brothers Taxidermy. All together, this adds up to be a “Premier” class mount that is suitable for any collection of wildlife taxidermy works.

The horns on this ram score a very respectable 157 6/8″. This set of horns just misses the minimum qualifications for the Awards class with Boone & Crockett Club. Scoring more than 157 inches makes this by far the largest ram of the species that we have had the pleasure of offering thru our site. Great horns that are long and come to great tips on each side with no breaks and an even ware. Distance between the tips is 25 6/8″ (inches).

The cape has a nice uniform coloring with good hair thickness that is typical of an Alaskan Dall (sometimes spelled “Dahl”). The form is head forward, facing forward and is great for display in the lodge, cabin, business or home. This piece is truly a museum quality taxidermy item. Jonas Brothers of Seattle did the work and it is on par with the work that they are known for doing across the US.

Overall mount size is 28″ high x 26″ wide x 23″ deep. Mount hangs on a single, well-secured fastener. Allow ample space for full appreciation of the horns on this ram from Alaska!