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Pronghorn Antelope Shoulder Mount AP-104


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* Mount size 17″ x 12″ x 35″

* Good horn lengths over 13″ each

* Nice coloring and pattern

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This is a great Pronghorn Antelope buck with a very nice rack!  He would make a great addition to any collection of North American large game mounts.  This mount is heads up and facing his left into the room.  This buck has horns measuring 13 5/8″ and 14 2/8″ for left and right sides respectively, not to mention nice cutters on the fronts of each…  

An “Excellent” mount to add to your collection.  The only detractor keeping him from a coveted “Premier” grade is a spot of missing hair that is only noticeable at certain angles.  It is at the spot where the neck meets the wall on the bucks left side about half way up. Please see attached photos and see what we are referring to. Because of this we felt to down grade him to an Excellent score. He shows very strong due to his pose and great horns.  All in all a great mount that draws many admiring looks from an audience.

Mount Size: This mount measures approximately (we always try to err on the side of bigger than actual to be sure the mounts we sell will fit in the space that you have) 35″H x 12″W x 17″D.