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Pronghorn Antelope Buck Shoulder mount for sale. A-126P


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* “Vintage” class mount

* Popular Western species

* Good horn size



Pronghorn antelope are a great symbol of the Western United States and are the fastest land animal in the Western Hemisphere. This buck is a nice representative of the species and is a vintage mount for the collector of era pieces of Western culture. He features a nice head forward pose and has his head turned slightly to his right.

Mount measures 26″ high x 15″ wide x 24″ (inches) deep. It hangs on a single, well-secured screw or fastener. Nice horn sizes with the left side having a broken off tip. Lengths are 11 4/8″ (left side) and 13 2/8″. He has some visible damage to the ears and is only in “Nice” condition, which is common for the age of this mount. Add this buck to your collection of North American game species or use as a feature piece for the home, cabin or lodge.