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Pronghorn Antelope Buck- Mount for sale. A-124P


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* Unusual horn coloring

* Great horns over 15″ length

* Large Montana buck



This is a great Western plains Pronghorn antelope buck. He displays a great pose with head up and facing slightly to his left looking into the room. Workmanship is excellent with good details. This is a trophy class buck that has horn lengths of over 15 inches.

We were able to acquire this buck as part of a collection that had been assembled by a wildlife biologist from the Rocky Mountains. This is in fact a great specimen for a Pronghorn buck. He has horn lengths of 15 2/8″ and 15 5/8″. They have an unusual coloring in that they exhibit lighter colored bases to the horns and then are darker toward the “rakers” and the top of the horn. Not a common color pattern, but it does add an interest factor.

The overall mount measures 22″ deep x 15″ wide x 31″ high. Allow appropriate space for this mount. He would make a great addition to a collection of North American game species or as a stand alone item for the home, lodge or business…