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Pronghorn Antelope taxidermy for sale. A-138S


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* Nice head up, slight turn pose

* Horns measure 12 3/8″ each side

* Good pattern and coloring



Great taxidermy mount of a Pronghorn Antelope buck. This mount features a head up pose with a slight turn to the right. Nice horn size on this “speed goat” with each side measuring 12 3/8″ (inches). Nice pattern and coloring on this cape, with good hair thickness.

Pronghorns make great items to add to collections because of their unique coloring and horns. They provide a nice contrast in appearance to most of the big game species found in North America. Add this item to the home, cabin, lodge or business for a great species found mostly across the Western United States and into parts of Canada and Northern Mexico.

This mount measures 30″ tall/high x 15″ wide x 19″ deep. Item hangs on a single fastener for wall display.