Taxidermy Mounts

Pronghorn Buck Taxidermy for sale. A-137S


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* Unusual horn growth

* Head forward, looking ahead pose

* Overall size 26″H x 14″W X 26″D



Here we have an unusual looking set of horns on a Pronghorn taxidermy mount. Normally the horns for this species grow up and back away from the forehead, but this set grew in a forward trajectory… Not only did they grow at an odd angle to the animals head, but spread to a wider degree than is commonly seen. The pose of this form is head forward, looking forward into the room. This mount does have some detracting issues though. Near the base of the horns at the skull, there are some imperfections in the skin/hair leaving small gaps there. These are not noticeable at a distance or when hung up on a wall for display, but they need to be mentioned. This item we have rated as “Nice”.

Overall mount dimensions are 26″ high x 14″ wide x 26″ deep. Horns are 12 7/8″ wide at the tips. Overall horn lengths are 11 1/2″ (inches) each. Mount hangs on a single fastener or screw. Add this mount to a collection of North American wildlife species or use as a feature piece. This item is suitable for display in the home, cabin, lodge or business.