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Alaska Dall Sheep Ram taxidermy for sale. S-134DA


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Buy this Alaskan Dall sheep ram to display in the lodge, cabin, home or business! Great pose with a head up and turn to the rams right side. Nice white coat and good hair length too. Sheep are a great addition to any North American big game collection. Dall sheep with their white cape, make a beautiful contrast item to the the grays and browns of big horns and stone sheep…

This is a wonderfully done item and makes the broken right horn a little less prominent with the turned head pose. The left horn measures 32 7/8″ (inches) long with a 11 4/8″ base. Unfortunately the right horn was broken somewhere in a fall or fight and only the 21 4/8″ of length remain. The right base was slightly larger at 11 7/8″.

Overall mount size measures 28″ tall x 18″ wide x 22″ deep. Mount hangs on a single, well-secured fastener.