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Bighorn Ewe Shoulder Mount O-117S


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* Great Ewe Taxidermy
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* Overall 21″ D x 32″ H x 15″ W



Not often do we come across females of a lot of the North American large game species, but here we have a great shoulder mount of a ewe. This Big Horn female sheep (or “ewe”) has great coloring and hair thickness. She is a great mount pose with the head up and facing her right slightly into the room. Sheep are a class of game animals in which the female can also have horns, although the ewe has much smaller horns than the males of the species. This mature ewe has horns that measure 9 7/8″ and 10 2/8″ each. The spread from tip to tip is 14 1/8″.
Big Horns are one of the hardest mounts to acquire in North America largely because of a limited numbers of animals and subsequently fewer permits issued to hunters. We are pleased to be able to offer this great shoulder mount in our collection. This bighorn ewe would make a particularly nice addition to the mount that we were able to acquire in the same lot. (See attached photo.) This mount would make a great addition to any big game collection for the home or the business. Consider adding a ewe to a ram that you may have or in tandem with the ram we have her pictured with below.
Total dimensions for this item are 21″ Deep x 32″ High x 15″ Wide.