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Desert Bighorn Ram taxidermy for sale. S-131DB


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* Great Mexican Desert Ram

* 163 4/8″ Horns

* Head up, looking forward pose



This listing is for a great looking Desert Bighorn ram! A harder to find North American variety that is a must for the sheep collectors. This is a member that is necessary to complete the “Grand Slam” of North America’s sheep species. This ram has a gross score of 163 4/8″ and nets at about 162″. It falls just short of making the Boone & Crockett Club book, but does exceed the minimum standards for the SCI Medals classification. A great piece with superior taxidermy workmanship. Head up with a very slight turn to the left looking into the room. Nice light coloring which is normal for the southern sheep species, especially the members from the Mexico region (which this one is).

Overall mount size is 33″(inches) tall x 25″ wide x 21″ deep. Horns measure 33 4/8″ and 32 7/8″. Heavy bases that measure 14 5/8 each. The horns on this ram are by far the largest we have offered on this species of sheep. This mount requires a good, well-secured fastener for display and hanging. Bracket is already attached for display in the home, cabin, lodge or business. Add this great mount to any wildlife collection or use as a feature piece in most any setting.