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Desert Bighorn Ram taxidermy for sale. S-130DB


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* “Excellent” quality wildlife mount

* Harder to find species of ram

* Horns gross score 135 4/8″



Here is a great example of the Desert Big Horn! Beautiful coloring, good horn size, nice pose and an excellent species for the collector… The cape on this is excellent and is a nice light shade, which is common in the sheep from Mexico and the Southern regions where the species is found. Ram has his head up, with a left turn looking into the room. Good horn size with over 13″ bases and lengths of 29 3/8″ and 27 4/8.

Sheep are great for any collection of North American big game species. Also they are a key part to the “Grand Slam” of rams found in N.A. Rams make a great feature piece for any location from the lodge or cabin to the man-cave or office and showroom. This wildlife mount measures 30″ tall x 21″ wide and is 27″ (inches) deep. This item rates as “Excellent” in overall condition, quality and size. Gross score on this set of horns is 135 4/8″.