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Big Horn Ram taxidermy shoulder mount for sale. S-135BH


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* Great taxidermy species

* Rough scores 165 7/8″

* “Excellent” overall quality



Excellent Big Horn sheep from Washington state. Nice head forward in a “sneak” pose with a turn to his left. This is a great sized ram that has horns in the 165″ class. Good coloring and hair thickness. Overall “Excellent” quality mount that will look great in the lodge, cabin, home or business. Purchase this taxidermy mount for display with a collection of North American big game species or use as a stand alone, feature item. Sheep make a great species for display in any collection.

Overall mount size is 29″ (inches) high x 24″ wide x 26″ tall. Horns on this ram have lengths of 33 6/8 and 34 5/8″. Bases measure 14 5/8″ each. This ram misses the Boone & Crockett book by a few inches, but still has a great score with 165 7/8″ for a raw total. Mount hangs on a single well-secured fastener. Allow ample room to appreciate this taxidermy item from multiple angles.