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Big Horn Sheep Ewe Shoulder mount for sale. S-122B


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* Great Big Horn Sheep species

* Nice coloring and pose

* Excellent mount quality



Big Horn sheep are one of the most sought after big game species of North America by hunters and collectors alike. Here is a chance to add a great looking ewe to your collection. Ewes make a great compliment to any ram mount.

This Big Horn ewe features a pose with head up and facing slightly to her right looking into the room. Ears are facing forward in an alert look. She has good coloring with a tan face and then darkening hair color as you go to her neck and shoulder. Buy this taxidermy bighorn ewe that would look great with a ram by her side in a collection of North American game species.

Mount hangs from a single well secured screw. Mount dimensions are 30″ high x 21″ deep x 14″ wide.