Taxidermy Mounts

Mule deer taxidermy for sale. M-143S


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* “Premier” workmanship!

* Natural pose and look

* 4 x 4 rack



This is a great looking Mule deer taxidermy mount. While the horns (to be more correct, “antlers”) are not enormous, the workmanship, pose, coloring and everything about this mount speak of beautiful craftsmanship. To be fair, the antlers (4 x 4) do have a good vertical dimension, although they are not real wide (20 2/8″ outside width) or heavy beams. This buck has his head up and is turned facing his right. Ears are turned as if to listen to something off on his right side or slightly behind him.

Overall mount dimensions are 43″ tall x 21″ wide x 26″ deep. He hangs on single, well-secured screw or nail. Ready for immediate display in the home, cabin, lodge or business. This taxidermy item would look great with other North American game species or as a stand alone piece.