Horns Antlers Skulls

Rocky Mountain Elk Antlers on Plaque for sale. E-115A


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* Rocky Mountain Elk rack

* Nice mount on solid wood plaque


This is a nice set of Rocky Mountain Elk antlers with skull cap. They are mounted to a great solid wood plaque with a leather shroud (or wrap). Antlers have 9 total points (Eastern count) or a 4 x 5 rack. This rack comes from what is known as a “rag-horn” bull. This is a general term used to refer to bulls having less than 6 points on a side. A nice rack none the less for display in the home, lodge, cabin or business.

Rack dimensions: tip to tip measures 22 6/8″. Maximum width (measured on outside) is 35 2/8″ Overall mount is 23″ deep x 36″ wide x 32″ high. This taxidermy mount comes with an attached hanger and mounts on a single well secured screw.