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Rocky Mountain Elk Taxidermy mount for sale. (360 Class) E-114M

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* Great Rocky Mountain Elk

* Very Large 360 Class

* Excellent coloring and pose



This is a very large 6 x 6 bull elk from the Rocky Mountains! He scores out at 359 1/8″ raw total. We were able to acquire this bull with a group of great taxidermy mounts that had belonged to (and were hunted by) a wildlife biologist that was down sizing his collection. Because of this sell off we were able to get and offer this mount to the public. Please see the attached photos. This is a beautiful large bull ad could be a center piece to a collection. He will look great in the house, lodge or business. He requires a great deal of space (see specs below). Not only does he boast large antlers, but a great pose and excellent coloring! Because of many factors and great appearance, we have awarded him a rating of “Premier”.

Elk typically require large wall areas for adequate display and appreciation. This bull is no exception! His rack measures just shy of 51″ wide! (50 6/8″ to be exact.) Overall mount dimensions are 50″ deep x 54″ wide x 72″ high (tall). His pose is head forward and he faces slightly to his left looking into the room. Because of his large size please verify your space for this mount. He comes with an attached hanging bracket and can be mounted on a single securely fastened screw.

A few antler dimensions: 6 x 6 rack. (12 point Eastern count) Beam lengths of 56 5/8″ and 55 2/8″. Max outside measurement of 50 7/8″. Tip to tip spread of 41 3/8″ Inside beam maximum measures at 46 7/8″.