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Rocky Mountain Bull Elk Vintage Taxidermy mount for sale. E-125S


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* Great tan colored bull

* Vintage category item

* Great sized rack with 44″ beams



Here we have a “Vintage” class Rocky Mountain elk mount. Classic head up pose, looking forward straight into the room. This is a nice sized bull with beams measuring over 44 inches each. He has 11 total points (6 x 5 rack). Nice workmanship and in good condition, with the only noticeable detractor being some damage at the back of the head near the base of the antlers. (See attached photos)

This bull elk requires considerable wall space as the mount measures 73″ (inches) tall x 38″ wide x 41″ deep. So allow ample space for proper display and viewing of this item. He hangs on a single, well-secured fastener. Mounting bracket is installed.

Elk make for great display items in the home, cabin, lodge or business. Add this bull to your collection of North American game species, or use as a feature item.