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Elk taxidermy skin for sale. E-127H


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* Overall size 58″ long x 48″ wide

* Good brown color

* “Nice” condition item



Here we have a beautiful Northern Rockies elk hide/skin. It has been professionally tanned and is ready to buy and display in the home, cabin, lodge or business. An overall nice item that would look good draped over a couch, laid on the floor, or even hung on the wall. Use this piece as an accent in any space. This elk exhibits good color and hair thickness, with the exception of the flanks, which are thin and one side has a tear in the skin (see attached photos). Additionally, there is one small hole in the skin that is visible when viewed from the back. Aside from this, it is a solid condition hide that we have rated as “Nice”.

Overall skin size is 58″ (inches) long x 48″ wide.