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Brown Bear Taxidermy Rug B-112R

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* Large Brown Bear
* Overall dimensions: 83″ x 72″



This is an unusual bear skin rug that we acquired recently. With this item, there is good news and bad news…. First the bad: This bear skin is unusual in that it was made without the head of the bear attached to the rug. Aside from the odd mount style, this item has received some damage to the feet and claws. (See attached photos) I added pictures of each paw to show that there are missing toes/claws on each foot. There are 12 claws still present. So this rug is not able to be restored to a high grade of quality/appearance. Now the good news: this was a large sized bear with very nice even brown coloring. Length of bear from neck to tail is still 63″ meaning this would have been a more than 6 foot long bear in total size. Hair is nice and thick as well as the even coloring that can be seen. This item still has potential, but to be honest it will take a little creativity and work. Because of the damage and pose, we have called this a cabin grade listing. We have priced it accordingly!

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