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Alaska Black Bear Taxidermy Rug For Sale. B-114B


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* Nice Alaskan Black Bear
* 66″ Nose to tail length
* Good hair thickness & color



Here we have an example of an Alaska Black Bear that has been made into a taxidermy rug. It displays excellent workmanship and is a good sized bear that measures 66 inches nose-to-tail. Hair quality is very long and thick with coloring that is even and displays a splash of white near the rear flanks at the underbelly. (See attached photos) Nice open mouth pose with work done by the renowned shop of the Jonas Brothers of Seattle. We have awarded this mount a “Premier” class which is the highest based on taxidermy quality and workmanship. A great mount to add to any collection or as a stand alone piece for the collector of North American big game species.

Overall width of rug is 70″. He has a length of 66″ measured from nose to tail. This rug/mount would look great in the home, lodge or business…

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