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Alaskan Black Bear Taxidermy Rug for sale. B-117R

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* Great colored Alaskan bear

* Overall size of 66″ long x 60″ wide

* Excellent hair length and thickness



This is a beautiful black bear skin rug that was taken in the Brooks Range in Alaska. It is a spring bear and has great long, thick hair which is very black. Spring bears have the best hair thickness and quality as the bears are coming out of hibernation then and haven’t shed or worn their hair down with moving and foraging. He has a great open mouthed taxidermy head. The rug is completed with a double felt lining featuring black over tan. All claws are present and have good size.

This is a nice sized bear rug that measures a total length of 66 inches. The widest point at the paws is 60 inches. Given the great color, combined with thick long black fur and excellent workmanship, we have given this item a rating of “Premier”.

Black bears make for great rugs that can be displayed on walls or on horizontal surfaces on floors, tables or even draped over furniture. Add this item to your home, lodge or cabin for a great conversation and accent piece. It would also great as a display in the business or office.

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