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Black Bear taxidermy rug for sale. B-120RU

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* Great black color

* Long, thick fur

* Premier quality mount!



A beautifully done black bear skin rug is what we have here! Great long, black fur and excellent taxidermy workmanship have earned this a “Premier” rating… It has a thick double felt backing with rings at paws and head for a hanging display. Mount has a great open mouth pose with a full taxidermy head. Ears are pointed back. Good claw sizes and nice overall dimensions of 68″ long and 67″ wide.

Beautiful rug with great dark black bear that has a small white spot on chest (see photos). Add this item to the home, lodge or business for a great feature item or add to a collection of North American big game species. Bear skin rugs make great looking pieces and garner lots of comments and attention in any setting.

Shipping Restrictions Apply! Per state laws we will not ship to CA, FL, NE, ND, OK, SD, VA, or WV.