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Black Bear Taxidermy rug for sale. B-119R


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* Excellent jet black coloring

* 70″ Nose to tail length

* Double felt backing



This is a gorgeous dark black bear skin rug! Aside from great coloring, he has long, thick hair and has been expertly crafted into a great quality taxidermy rug. It has a double felt backing with red and black and has an extra thick insulated back to give the skin added protection if it were to be used as an actual rug. This item has an open mouth taxidermy head. All in all a superior mount and earns a rating of “Excellent”.

Overall mount measures 80 inches long and also 80″ wide at the legs. Nose to tail measures 70″. All claws are present and in great shape. (See attached photos.) Add this item to any location for display! Would make a great addition to the home, cabin, lodge or business. This rug has all the traits that you look for in a great bear skin item.

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