Taxidermy Mounts

Black Bear Taxidermy Mount 1/2 Life-Size B-119BL


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* Great Red-Brown coloring

* Terrific combative pose

* 1/2 Life size mount



Here we have a great reddish-brown colored taxidermy mount for sale. This mount is a 1/2 life-sized bear that is in a standing combative pose. Paws are up and ready for an encounter in battle. Bear has a forward lean into the room with head turned facing to the left. Open mouth adds to the pose of an aggressive attack mode.

This black bear has good hair length and thickness. Excellent workmanship and great pose make this an item for the lodge, cabin, den or business location. Overall mount quality rates as “Excellent”. Overall mount dimensions are 40″ tall/high x 25″ wide x 25″ deep (sticking into the room).

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