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Cinnamon Black Bear Taxidermy Rug BB-104

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* Open mouthed taxidermy rug.
* 59″ Nose to tail
* Overall 71″L x 60″W
* Great cinnamon coloring!



This is a great cinnamon and tan colored black bear! Not often does one this light come available. “Black” bears can come in a wide range of colors ranging from their traditional black color (hence the name) to browns that can range from a red-ish coloring to very light like this cinnamon colored rug that we are offering here. This is typical fall harvested bear and as such it has thinner hair in some areas which is quite the norm (see attached photos). The bear is 59″ nose to tail. Rug largest dimensions are 71″L x 60″W. Quality workmanship as can be seen in the open mouth pose and the claws.

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