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Mountain Lion (Cougar) Taxidermy Rug for Sale L-105R


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* Nice sized cougar skin rug

* Good hair color!

* Open mouth taxidermy head



This is a nice rug from a Mountain Lion (also called Cougar or Puma). It has a nice double felt lined finish with a taxidermy head which has a mouth open pose. Original workmanship was excellent and makes for a great rug that could be hung on a wall or displayed on the floor or hung over a furniture item. Unfortunately it has had some rough treatment and resulted in a break in the skin about the middle of the tail. Also one toe and claw were repaired/reattached at some point. That being said this is still a nice mount and worthy of being displayed.

This cat measures 76″ (inches) in length nose to tail and has a maximum width of 61″. A nice sized mountain lion although it would not qualify as “large”. Due to the damage mentioned above, we have rated this taxidermy item as “Nice”.