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Mountain Lion Life Size Mount L-107LS


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* Great wall mount Cougar
* Cat in stalk pose
* 21″D x 48″W x 48″H



“Did I just see movement over there?” seems to be the expression on this beautiful Mountain Lions face. This is wonderful taxidermy piece that has a large sized lion standing on a rock. This cat is pose in a descending movement. This is a great lion that has seen some battles judging by the scars on the face and forehead. (See attached photos) This is a nice sized cat that measures over 7 foot in length (approximately 7’4″ total length nose to tail). We have awarded this mount our highest grade for taxidermy workmanship: “Premier”. He is standing on a great rock overhang that has terrific coloring. This is a wall mounted item.

Mountain Lions, also known as Cougars, are commonly found through out much of the central and western parts of North America and to a lesser extent even in to the eastern regions. While fairly substantial numbers roam freely, they are not often seen. This large sized male (called a “Tom”) comes from central Montana. The largest of cats can sometimes measure up to 8′ or more. They are tremendous hunters and have incredible strength for pulling their prey up into trees where it is away from other predators.

This is a great focal type piece that would work as a stand alone mount or as part of a collection of North American predators or big game species.

Mount overall dimensions are 19″ Deep x 48″ Wide x 48″ High.