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Mountain Lion/Cougar taxidermy rug for sale. L-112R


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* Very large sized “Tom” mountain lion

* Double felt lined rug

* Open mouth, full taxidermy head



This is a very large sized Mountain Lion taxidermy rug that we have for sale. The “tom” featured here measures 8′ 2″ inches in length, making it among the larger of the species. Rug has been wonderfully made and has a double felt lined backing. Mount has been made with a full taxidermy head featuring an open mouth pose with ears spread wide.

A nicely done rug, it does have some damage to it. The felt is ripped and missing near one paw (see attached photos). Also there is minor damage to the ear tip on one side, which is not uncommon for taxidermy heads on rugs that get displayed on the floor. The skin is not as supple and plyable as it once was and has some minor cracks going on in the tail.

Aside from the mentioned detractors, he is a beautiful cat with a commanding presence. Display this item in the home, cabin, lodge or business. He will go great with a collection of North American predator or game species. Or use him as a featured piece in any setting. The coloring and hair thickness are great on this rug and he will make a great display addition.

Overall dimensions are 98″(inches) in length x 64″ at front feet and 68″ at rear feet. Mountain lion (also known as Cougars or “Puma”) range over large sections of North America from parts in Mexico to Canada, across much of the United States.