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Wolverine Taxidermy skin/fur for sale. P-115W

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* Great colored Wolverine pelt

* Overall length of 46 inches



Here is a taxidermy skin/fur of a North American Wolverine. Excellent workmanship on this item. It has customary coloring for the species with the shades of brown to black with patches of white on the chest and neck area. This mount does not have the feet attached to the hide.
Mount has a length of 46 inches and when lying on the floor or a flat surface measures 28″ across. Can be displayed either on a wall or on a flat surface (see attached photos).
Wolverine can be found in the northern most parts of the United States as well as Canada and Alaska. They are a fierce predator with amazing agility and quickness.
Add this great fur to a collection of North American predators or use as a stand alone item for the home, lodge or cabin.