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Mountain Lion Life Sized Mount on terrain for sale. L-110LS

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* Great sized adult lion

* Natural pose with open mouth

* Excellent rock/terrain base



This is a beautiful mount of a life sized female Mountain Lion or “Cougar”. Mount is perched atop a great rock terrain setting for a life like display. The cat itself is a beauty! She has an arched back and is moving from the viewers left to right with her head turned looking into the room. She is about seven feet (7′) long, nose to tail. This lion has an open mouthed pose with ears in alert position.

The terrain base is terrific looking! The cats paws are bedded in and around moss and pine needles. Also there is a dusting of snow and some ice on the footing in the display. (See attached photos) This gives a great life like impression of a cat moving thru the cliffs in the winter.

Mount dimensions are 58″ long (or wide) x 55″ high x 25″ deep. Display hangs on 2 (two) well secured bolts or lags spaced at 16″ (inches). This is a large mount and so requires a good amount of wall space to be appreciated properly. Given her size, this is a great item to feature in a home, lodge or business. It could be added to a collection of North American game species or used as a stand alone work.