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Rocky Mountain Elk Mount E-113M (330 Class)

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* Great 6×6 rack and scores in the 330″ class

* 22″ Brow tines

* Mount is 29″ deep x 52″ wide x 64″ high



This is a great looking shoulder mount of a Northern Rockies elk bull. He carries a great sized 6 x 6 (12 point Eastern count) rack. He is posed head forward and is facing to his left looking into the room. Excellent workmanship on this taxidermy item that would look great in any collection of North American big game species. He could also stand alone as a nice focal piece for the home, lodge or business…

We were able to acquire this large mount as part of an estate for a FWP game biologist. This bull along with numerous exotic species were available to us and we have them to list and allow someone the opportunity to buy and display one or more of these beautiful trophies as they see fit.

Elk (also known as Wapiti) range over much of the Western United States where they live both in the mountains as well as rolling hills and to an extent in open areas and river bottoms. Males are called “bulls” and can have very impressive racks (antlers) which they loose late in winter and then grow back thru the spring and early summer months.

This bull is in the 330″ class and has magnificent brow tines that measure 22″ long. His maximum width is 40 5/8″ and he is 39 7/8″ wide at the tips. His antlers have been re-colored at some point by a taxidermist to give a darker appearance. This mount due to his size and workmanship receives a rating of “Excellent”.

Overall mount dimensions are: 49″ deep x 52″ wide x 64″ high. So allow for ample wall space to have him properly displayed!