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Rocky Mountain Bull Elk Taxidermy for sale. E-129S


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* Great turned head pose

* Large rack with solid beams

* Nice coloring and hair



Here we have a nice sized Rocky Mountain Elk taxidermy mount. Excellent pose with bull having a hard left (elk’s left) turn looking along the wall to the viewers right. Closed mouth, with ears out and having an inside spread of more than 40 inches. A beautiful colored elk, with good hair thickness and length. If not for some minor ear damage, we would have placed this in the “Excellent” category. Sadly he was handled a bit roughly at some point in the past and has some ear damage that is visible upon close inspection (see attached photos), so we docked him down to a solid “Nice”+.

Overall mount dimensions are 55″ high/tall x 45″ wide x 48” deep (from wall into the room). This taxidermy item hangs on a single, well-secured fastener. Add this item to the home, cabin, lodge or business. Would go great with a collection of North American game species, or as a stand alone trophy for display. The rack features 6 points on one side with 5+ on the other. The “+” refers to a small point on the side that is technically long enough to qualify as a “point” since it is over 1 inch from the center of the main beam, but we are not as liberal with the terminology as some are. Even with 11 total points, this is a great sized rack and a trophy worth displaying…