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Red Deer Stag Taxidermy Shoulder Mount for sale. X-162RS


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* Great head up facing into room pose

* Large sized 9 x 7 rack

* Harder species to find



This is a great sized Red Deer Stag! Excellent antler size with a nice head up pose. Head has a turn to the left (viewers right) looking into the room. There is a slight gap where the hair is not up to the burr of the antler on one side and there is a rough spot on the neck where the hair is not even(see attached photos), but otherwise this is a great looking item for the collection or as a feature item in the home, cabin, lodge or business. Allow ample room for this as it is a very large mount (see dimensions below).

Red deer have a similar antler (often called horn, but they are antlers) to North American Rocky Mountain Elk. The key difference is the end of the antler on the main beam has a group or several points that are not typical on it’s North American counter part. These mounts make a commanding presence and are often a focal point in a collection. This bull has great main beams with an outside measurement of 42″ (inches). Overall mount size is 52″ high x 42″ wide x 37″ deep. Rack has a total of 16 points (9×7). Eye guards measure over 16 inches each with a distance of 18″ between the tips.