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Shiras Moose Taxidermy mount for sale. O-116M


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* Great looking Shiras bull

* 19 total points on rack

* Classic head forward pose



Mounted on a wood plaque is a large sized western Montana Shiras moose. This bull has great paddle length and width for the species. Taxidermy workmanship is excellent on this mount. Great hair coloring and thickness combined with a classic head forward, looking forward pose.

Antlers on this bull are great sized for a Shiras moose. He has a total width of 43 2/8″ (inches) from outside to outside. Total of 19 points with 10 & 9 on the sides.

Moose make a great center piece to a taxidermy collection or as a statement piece for the home, lodge, cabin or business. This bull is no exception! Add him to any group of North American big game species.

Overall mount dimensions measure: 51″ high x 45″ wide x 43″ deep. Allow ample space for this mount to be seen from a wide range of angles. This mount hangs on a single, well-secured screw or fastener.