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Shiras Moose Taxidermy mount for sale. O-116M


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* Great looking Shiras bull

* 19 total points on rack

* Classic head forward pose



Mounted on a wood plaque is a large sized western Montana Shiras moose. This bull has great paddle size and good number or point to get a good score for B&C (Boone & Crockett). Taxidermy workmanship is excellent on this mount. Great hair coloring and thickness combined with a classic head forward, looking forward pose.

Antlers on this bull are great sized for a Shiras moose. He has a total width of 43 2/8″ (inches) from outside to outside. Total of 19 points with 10 & 9 on the sides.

Moose make a great center piece to a taxidermy collection or as a statement piece for the home, lodge, cabin or business. This bull is no exception! Add him to any group of North American big game species.

Overall mount dimensions measure: 51″ high x 45″ wide x 43″ deep. Allow ample space for this mount to be seen from a wide range of angles. This mount hangs on a single, well-secured screw or fastener.