Taxidermy Mounts

Barren Ground Caribou Shoulder Mount O-113C


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* Excellent color and workmanship
* Large 46 4/8″ spread
* Great shovel at forehead



This is a great example of a Barren Ground Caribou. The taxidermy work is very well done and the coloring of the mount is exceptional which leads us to rate this item as “Excellent”. A very nice set of antlers make this a trophy class bull from Alaska. The beams for this bull measure 45 7/8″ (Left beam) and 47 6/8″ (Right side). Nice sized shovel over the forehead too. (See attached photos) Caribou are one of the species of antlered big game that the Boone & Crockett Club as well as Safari Club International (SCI) do not qualify racks as either typical or non-typical.

The mount has total dimensions of 40″ deep (wall to outer tips of antlers) x 48″ width x 55″ high (bottom of chest to highest point). Total maximum width of this rack is 46 4/8″(inches). A great sized caribou that would make a focal point to a collection of North Americas big game species. Also this mount would make a great stand alone item for the home or business. Caribou are almost non-existent in the lower 48. Therefore they are less often seen in lodges, homes and all sorts of business locations.